Monday, 28 March 2011

“Re-union its reunion – digging the memories of a wonderful past”

Life has never been the same for all of us it was school first, then college, courts, office etc, etc., but that child heart always throng to meet the loved ones again and again, precisely for that reason we pledged to ourselves “we are parting to meet again” – and the time came to meet and share our life post our college life with our soul mates.

Now the question of “what if’s” struck my mind. 

What if 15 adventurous souls meet up? What if 8 years bond of friendship meet up? What if they meet up after 3 years of gap? What if the to be future legal pundits meet up? What if they meet inside thick jungles, amidst wild life and wild streams?

Read more to get the answers to all the “What if’s”.

The 30 member initial crowd very soon narrowed down to 15 brave souls after hearing to the myths and the mysteries about this place. Undeterred by any myths or mysteries 15 brave souls headed to Nagalapuram on 18.12.2010 early morning to unleash themselves which in turn made a mark and created history.

The reunion was perfectly divided to suit the survivors and the predators. 6 survivors wanted to return back on the same day and 9 predators dreamt to tent and sleep on top of the mountain.

It was first the hidden treasure which welcomed us like pongal over flowing from the pot; nobody had any second thoughts to drench themselves with some Michael Phelps diving inside and exhibiting their almost forgotten stunts.

The daring souls soon became caring souls with each other enquiring about the other’s well being and what they are upto in these years. That’s how flied off the one hour trek in two minutes time passing across the banks of the village dam and trekking along an old jeep trail.
Soon we reached the gigantic trees and started clicking pic’s to hold it for a life time. 
Soon to the tiring souls came the butterfly stream with crystal clear water which made us to dip inside and quench our thirst and gave an opportunity to chit chat like the way we used to do in our classroom.

After delight in the butterfly stream was the real task of hopping in the boulders, climbing small hill by holding the roots and branches of trees and sliding in the slippery soil. Not many would have done this before but still the heart was filled with thrill and happiness and the heart was pounding for the next surprise.

With the oldies leaking the secret about the crystal clear water pool and waterfalls inside the forest the entire group became energetic and started moving at a great pace.

Delight is not the word to describe the beauty of that crystal clear pool with a waterfall filing it up. As soon as the group saw this wonderful pool few jumped inside unmindful of anything while the others reserving for their turn to come up. Beating all the purest forms of water the stream water inside the forest was rejenuvating and refreshing. People galloped the water as if they are not gonna drink water any more.

After jumping, swimming, ferrying and taking a dip inside the natural water pool we all set to prepare our tea to refresh ourselves. Guys who ordered for tea at home and at restaurants started collecting fire wood and in no time created fire and with 30 minutes effort yummy tea was ready to refresh all the chilled body and tired nerves. 

Then came the difficult moment were 6 survivors parted to the car with a sense of accomplishment and full of happiness. 9 predators then decided to trek ahead and reach the highest point in the mountain to set their camp there and stay overnight. The climb was a real challenge to few of us but never deterred the predators. At 6 in the evening we reached the camp site and set our camp and collected wood to prepare camp fire and dinner.

Hot soup came as nectar from the chill weather followed by few servings of maggi with project team in its full swing and the night which followed was something which none of the predators will ever forget in their life time 9 people inside one tent surrounded by rocky mountain, stream, water pool and pale white moon. 

Woke up in the nature’s lap to see the forest at its peak beauty, after preparing and having our breakfast all the predators started trekking down and with heavy heart leaving thrilling memories all the predators came out of the forest at 12 noon.

“If’s and But’s’” were shunned down by the 15 survivors who created history by celebrating their reunion in an unforgettable manner.

Kudoos survivors and predators for being part of an historical event which was a milestone in the history of any “Alumni Event”. Standing class apart from the rest of the world is the School of Excellence in Law, Chennai batch of 2002-2007. 

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