Thursday, 16 June 2011

Nagari Exploratory trek with Chennai Trekking Club

The name and style of this celebrated club’s logo is “Explore the unexplored” and here was the opportunity to do precisely what the insignia carried for itself. After thorough scrutiny and filtering of the registrations the commander chose his 16 strong soldiers who can conquer new places; achieve great heights; explore the hidden treasures; face the demanding conditions; live without water; survive among wasps; get soaked in the rains like frogs and fried in the sun like dry fish yet live up to the Commander’s words “Dare to create your own path rather than follow existing trails”.

This mission exactly did what it was formulated for. It created a new trial for other trekkers to follow; it discovered the beautiful bluish/greenish gorge pools; it discovered those majestic water falls; it discovered those breath-taking view points; it discovered those impeccable valleys hidden deep inside the Nagari range of mountains lying on the Eastern Ghats. Silencing the myth that Nagari is a dry and hot place with less vegetation. Nagari showed its true colour’s to its explorers and invited us with pleasant weather; adorable greenery and full of water.

Day 1: Exploring the deep pools, waterfalls and view points:-

The trek initially started along an existing trial which lead to the famous Lord Shiva temple located inside the scenic Nagari Mountains which is surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and lovely rock formations. We reached the Nagari waterfall jumped inside the chilling pool and took a dip to refresh ourselves.

After having our breakfast in this place we started our trek towards another man made trial till we reached our start of our exploration. We deviated towards a stream and luckily there was enough water which gave us the comfortness that we need not carry much water. The stream clearly indicated us that the sizes of boulders are going to increase in size. Few of the explorers were able to guess that there could be possible water fall or pool if we follow this stream.

After almost an hour following the stream we discovered the first gorge pool which was deep enough for swimming and diving. Few of the explorers followed the stream while few climbed the rocky mountain to trek parallelly along the stream. 

For the explorers who were trekking along the stream came the first obstacle in the form of Dead End pool which stopped them from proceeding further along the stream. Soon the explorers climbed up the rocky mountain and trekked parallelly to the stream and realizing that this will lead them to nowhere they slipped through the gorge of the mountain towards the stream to soon discover the “Bath Tub Pool” of Nagari.

The spectacular Bath Tub Pool of Nagari which is one of the best discoveries of the mission is a semi-circular pool with chill waterfall filling it up and is quite deep enough for dives and floating around.

With the joy and happiness of discovering the first pool we marched ahead to hike the 900 metres plus south east peak of Nagari. Before we could reach the top of the south east peak we discovered the two “Nagari step falls” which was spectacular in itself. We took bath and headed towards our target the south east Nagari peak.

The hike towards the peak was very challenging since it was very steep and we had to literally climb in 60 degree angle for 200 meters. The explorers were ready and prepared to face any challenges. When passion ignites thorns become flowers, bushes become bed, steepness becomes cake walk and nothing can stop an explorer from his passion towards discovery taking the path which no one has dared to take. We reached the peak when sun was slowly winding up for the day.

The sun rays penetrated through the thick clouds and lighted the entire Nagari valley. I swear one could spend the rest of the life watching those glorious views. I guess I got the answer for the long pending question which was lingering in my mind, “why the hell am I trekking for?” All the questions about “why I trek” was silenced forever in my mind watching those spectacular views unfolding before me. My heart was filled with peace and tranquility. Thanks to nature at its best.

Soon we started our search for a camp site to rest for the day. We trekked through the hills and reached a scenic valley which was covered by three sides from mountains, full grown 8 feet high grasses, lovely stream running on the side of the camp site, the smell of the thick woods, the chillness in the breeze and dark clouds all took us to heavenly delight.

As soon as we completed our dinner the clouds opened up and it started pouring cats and dogs. We had only two mid size tarpaulins with us and we rolled over us to protect ourselves from the rain. Few daring souls undeterred by the heavy down pour enjoyed every drop of water which fell on them. Those who rolled themselves inside the tarpaulin sheets were enjoying an altogether different experience of the rains hitting them hard still somehow guarding themselves from the rains. The commander started building his tarpaulin castle to protect all from the rain. The tarpaulin castle was indeed a luxury for anyone who loved outdoor.

A night which can never be forgotten for its thunder storms, lightning, chill breeze. Indeed, if I had to refresh my memory and recollect when I am old this day would probably hit right on the top of the list. A night slept in the pouring rain under the tarpaulin on top of the hill is a not everyone’s opportunity.  

Day 2: The joy of discovering the tallest waterfall in Nagari mountains:-

We all woke up early morning after witnessing the heavy shower unfolding the previous night. The entire valley was calm and we could sense the feeling of calmness with the smell of the soil taking us to great heights. We prepared for the day’s target of climbing the hills and descending down through the steep gorge below.

Initially we followed the stream till we hit the Water rock. Water rock is a huge mass of rock which gets its name for the water which trickles from that huge mass of rock throughout the year. God alone knows how could water get inside that huge mass of rock and could provide water throughout the year.

From the water rock we marched towards the peak of the Nagari following a stream until we took a deviation to reach the 950 meters peak. The peak provided us wonderful views of the green valley below.

From the top of the peak was the most demanding task of the entire mission to trek down towards the valley below. The trial we took was as steep as 90 degrees and most of us were sliding instead of walking. The loose sand did not show any mercy and just took us and dashed with the boulders making harming our foot.

Yet another feather on our cap we found the “Vipin 360 degree pool” which is a lovely gorge pool very deep enough and invites one to dive from good height. Almost all dipped inside the pool, enjoyed the chillness in the water, hanging on to the roots. Every discovery gave us a sense of achievement and brought us happiness indeed, the mission was meant for exploration.

The most remarkable moment came when we discovered a view point and the tallest waterfall in Nagari Mountains. The view from this point was mind blowing with the green carpet valley below, the beautiful rock formations on both the sides and a waterfall almost 150 meters dipping below. Few of us went to cliff and enjoyed the beauty waterfall flowing from the top to its base. Certainly, the proudest moment for the mission the discovery of the Nagari water fall.

Slowly with no heart to leave that place we slipped through the steep valley cutting the thorny bushes and braving the wasps and red ants. Soon we reached the base of the water fall which was a spectacular place to camp. Waterfall falling on one side and the green valley below that place enjoying the charmness and beauty of that place we had our lunch and started trekking towards the nearby village to complete our trek.

As soon as we trekked down the mountain we found a never ending walk path which was in between mountains. We enjoyed walking along that foot path to reach the mango farm followed by the village pool were we took bath and then we hit the village with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Undeniably, a mission worth to be termed as “exploratory mission” discovering wonderful places hidden deep inside.

This was my second exploratory mission with the Commander, the joy of exploration and happiness of taking a trial never taken before and the thrill of reaching a place where humans dare to go can never be expressed in words and that is what is called as “explore the unexplored” feeling.  

Happy trekking. 


  1. Sure, this was one of the best trek I have ever had.And going through the write up gives a nostalgic feeling about that nice 2 days. Apart from the well known Nagala every weekend, this fully exploratory trek was one of its own kind. I never thought of seeing such awesome pools in Nagari, especially the last pool before the water fall, where I slipped. cant wait to explore the other two valleys. hope to discover even more awesome pools with you, buddy.

  2. Durai,

    Really unbelievable marvelous i really enjoyed as if i was there Keep it up

  3. hey durai,

    Can u give me the map foe this trek.

    Would really appreciate it.


  4. Great trip!!

    Bal Krishna Lamsal
    Eco-friendly Treks